The key aim of creating GreenSecrets bedding is to having people in every home spend one-third of their lives on a material that doesn’t only offer human comfort and good health, but a healthy planet.

From our research, we found out that Eucalyptus fibers have so many benefits – the fibers are so extremely soft, smooth, silky, and breathable.

Lyocell fibers are produced by Lenzing, a manufacturing company located in Austria that produces fibers from wood.

You are wondering how our bedding are made from Eucalyptus tree. Today we are sharing with you the source of Greensecrets bedding. The big secret is, it all started from the forest!

It started from the forest

The secrets of nature is our inspiration. Greensecrets bedding is made from high quality Eucalyptus wood pulp, obtained from Eucalyptus trees grown and harvested on low-grade land. The wood is not harvested from ancient or endangered forests. Our partner puts a major focus on forest conservation and bio-diversity at their plantations.

And how it gets turned to bedding

The fibers are produced using ecologically responsible closed loop production process. This solvent-spinning procedure recycles process water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%, which makes Tencel production requires less water than other fiber and therefore, minimises the environmental impact of production.

The wood of the eucalyptus tree is broken down to pulp and an organic solvent is used to liquefy the pulp to create the fibers. The fibers are properly cleaned, dried and are then woven into the lyocell material used for our bedding. Although, the turning of pulp is a chemical process, the lyocell Tencel is different from other viscose because it uses relatively fewer and non-toxic chemicals

This economically viable manufacturing process received the European Award for the Environment from the European Commission in the category “The Technology Award for Sustainable Development”

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers have been certified as Biobased by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Moreover, all Lenzing fiber production sites operate according to a certified Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety system (ISO14001, OHSAS 18001).

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers offer a range of benefits including efficient moisture management, sustainable production, long-lasting softness, silky smoothness, gentleness on skin, versatility, colour fastness and biodegradability.

Why do we use Lyocell label?

We partner with Lenzing and use their product, lyocell fabric, for Greensecrets sheets. Our source is transparently linked with Lenzing, so the permission of Lenzing to use their label on our products

TENCEL™ is the trademarked, brand name for lyocell fabrics, and so we commonly refer to it as TENCEL™ lyocell.

However, referring to our bedding as “Eucalyptus TENCEL™ lyocell.” is just an emphasis showing that the wood pulp used in our bedding is from Eucalyptus tree, as more wood-based fabrics have started springing up in the recent times.

We are proud to be one of the few brands tapping into this wonder of nature and great technology to bring extremely comfortable, luxury and healthy products to our homes without making a dent on planet earth.

To enjoy this wonderful gift from nature, shop one of our great bedding products HERE.

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