Very few things in life are certain and even fewer have an inescapable influence in our day-to-day life. One of these things which is both certain and inescapable is sleep. We will all go to sleep at the end of the day and we all will get affected by the quality of our sleep.

Sleep well and comfortable and you will wake up well rested and ready to face the challenges of the day with your full potential. On the other hand, a bad and uncomfortable night makes you perform below your potential when facing the challenges and events of the next day.

So, it is no exaggeration when we say that the way we sleep, decides the way our day, week or month unfolds.

As such our bed deserves our utmost attention and we should think about where we sleep, where we lay our head and what we cover ourselves with care and research.

Here is where Greensecrets and its Eucalyptus products come in.

Eucalyptus is a genus of flowering trees, shrubs or mallees in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. They are native to Australia and by-products of the tree like wood pulp and oil from the eucalyptus plant are showing up in more and more products everyday. This is happening for two main reasons.

First is that these are high quality and long-lasting products which are made of components and secondly, these are all eco-friendly products, which are not only biodegradable, but also come from a tree which requires less water, less pesticides and is more resistant to fire and flooding. 

This is just the beginning of the benefits of the Eucalyptus bedding products.

We will start talking about these benefits by starting from the very beginning of the life of the products, its manufacturing. This process is devoid of harmful chemicals. Most bedding options available such as bamboo and cotton are made with harmful chemicals to get the final product. In contrast, the Lyocell process used in making eucalyptus material is very eco-friendly and non-toxic.

The only chemical used in this process is an amine oxide solvent used to refine the wood pulp. This is non-toxic, and almost 100% of it is reused and recycled during the manufacturing process.

The result of this manufacturing process is a soft and super comfortable bedding made from fibers that are not only soft, but also silky, and less prone to rumpling. They also have a cooling effect on the skin, which helps you sleep better and also is a great feature for people with sensitive skin.

This in turn, improves the quality of sleep dramatically and paired with a lack of toxic chemicals, and fibers that are antibacterial and antimicrobial it also makes for a healthier sleep in a bed which stays clean for longer and requires less washing. What is more, they are easy to dry when compared to cotton and bamboo sheets.

Also Eucalyptus sheets, by design, last longer than your cotton and bamboo bed sheets. This is because the fiber from the eucalyptus is stronger and can take a lot more damage before its structural integrity starts to dissolve.

When it comes to making your bed every morning (which is something you should always do) these sheets are less prone to creasing and need little care, giving your bed an instant makeover every time, as well as a feeling of luxury whenever you lie down.

Eucalyptus sheets are also temperature-regulating and perfect for both the hot summer and the cold winter.  They are high in moisture absorption, are hypoallergenic, and made with highly breathable fiber. So with them you are guaranteed to never again experience humid nights.

Eucalyptus sheets are certified for having resistance to dust and mold. They also repel insects and combat congestion. Therefore, you can sleep well, knowing that you won’t wake up with blocked nostrils or insect bites.

And to end the benefits with what we believe is the most important one, in an age where caring for the environment has taken the forefront of global issues, people are opting for eco-friendly options when it comes to beddings and other home appliances and Greensectrets in leading the way on offering people the high quality product they require.

So, although the Eucalyptus bedding are a little more expensive than normal cotton or bamboo bedding, this extra cost is offset in the long term by a higher quality product which last longer and is healthier. So if you love yourself, your family and the environment there is only one choice when it comes to bedding products and this choice is GreenSecret.

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