About Us


GreenSecrets is UK’s exclusively 100% Eucalyptus TENCEL™ Bedding company. We are proud to be the leading brand of the finest Eucalyptus bedding, made from natural materials, with non-toxic finishes and non-plastic packaging for comfortable, premium and environmentally conscious homes. GreenSecrets Bedding was born out of the passion to create the most comfortable and luxurious bedding from ultra-sustainable Eucalyptus materials. The need for comfortable and eco-friendly bed sheets has made Eucalyptus bedding one of the most sought-after sheets. Eucalyptus sheets are made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, a type of rayon that consists of cellulose fiber made from the bleached wood pulp obtained from Eucalyptus tree. The pulp from the tree is turned into sludge, then pressed out into thin strands, spun, and dyed. Our range of super-soft eucalyptus fabric bedding leads the way in offering sustainable products to our customers – They are antimicrobial, and yet they offer comfort and durability all in one package.


There are a good fit for us because of the common values and goals we share – Integrity, Quality and Excellence, Design and Innovation. We continue to build on the strong partnership we have established to ensuring we create and offer unique and premium bedding to our customers.


We’ll source all our products with utmost focus on sustainable future (ethical material, sustainable production process and zero plastic packaging) reinforcing our belief in human well-being, healthy communities and planet.


Continually ensure our sheets are made from non-toxic, breathable, durable material and crafted by the best hands.

Customer Service

Offer the best customer experience, always available to provide support right from customers enquires, purchases, warranties to returns.


We’ll continually use the best fabrics, with fantastic designs blended with great colours to achieve the desired luxurious feel and look.


Improve on our creativity right from the product design stage, production, packaging to fulfilling customers’ orders.

The Supply Chain

We partner with a reputable family owned manufacturing company in Northern Portugal who has been in the business for over 70 year. They have grown steadily and attained an outstanding level of excellence as a recognised player serving in the international luxury bedding brands.

A Word from Lawrence – Our Founder

While studying “Global Sourcing and Supply,” I learnt about all types of cotton. It was fascinating to me, and eager to learn more, I went out on my own, immersing myself in the industry. Shocked to find that cotton production was causing severe damage to our planet because of the pesticides, toxic wastes and the huge amount of water involved, I sought out an eco-friendlier alternative. That was when I found it: eucalyptus fiber.
Eucalyptus fabric, although only recently becoming more popular, is versatile and comfortable, which explains its use for everything from underwear to activewear to home-wear. I thought of people in their beds, where they spend a third of their lives, and I knew that this fabric would be better for them – and for the planet we all call home.
Together with my long-time friend Michael, who is also an environmental enthusiast, I got started on GreenSecrets Bedding. Now, we are inviting you to join us in our effort to protect our little blue planet and champion better sleep for all.
Your support, patronage and feedback would mean so much to us
Thanks so much from the bottom of heart. GreenSecrets Bedding – Sleep Like Nature Intended!



Inspire natural comfort and luxury in bedrooms with creatively designed bedding made from eco-friendly, non-toxic and premium fabric to promote healthier sleep and healthier planet


Our vision is to become a leading
and fastest growing eco-friendly
and luxury bedding brand in the World.
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