After facing a strong blow from COVID-19, a vast majority of people have turned their faces towards online shopping. Online shopping is simple, easy, and completely hassle-free. All you need is to make a few clicks, and your desired product will be at your doorstep. But there are a few downsides of it as well, until or unless you have dived into it.

The biggest issues household shopping faces is the size of various products. Have you ever bought a bedsheet without considering the bedding sizes? Do you know, a lot of people return the products because of size mismatch? Do you know what size is a double bed?

Even after consulting the sizing charts, people didn’t get a clear idea of sheet sizes in the UK. It’s really frustrating to order a 200×200 bed size sheet and get the wrong sized item just because of brand variation. Consider a moment when guests are expected to visit your home, and you’re planning to spread the new bedsheets, but opening at the eleventh hour gives you nothing except a single bed sheet instead of required double bedding sizes. That’s heart-wrenching and embarrassing. 

But to cope with such issues, GreenSecrets have designed an easy and overly simplified chart for bed sheet sizes in the UK.

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What Size is a Single Bed in the UK?

Single beds are usually preferred for smaller places to keep some space for easy movement. In the territories of the UK, single bed size is 3ft wide and 6ft 3 inches long (90 cm x 190 cm). Single beds are also ideal for little kids, either they are sharing rooms or living separately. Double bunk single beds can be a more space-saving idea. Duvet sizes UK can also be checked by consulting the above chart according to your bed size.

What Size is a Double Bed in the UK?

In the UK, double bed size measures 4ft 6 inches wide and 6ft 3 inches long (135 cm x 90 cm). These are exceptionally good for spacious areas, especially for couples. Ordering king size duvet dimensions for a double bed provide cover to both partners to avoid pulling quilt all night.

What Size is King Bed in the UK?

King bed sizes are an optimal choice for couples with little kids or taller people who want to avoid cold toes. King-sized beds are 5ft wide and amazingly 6ft and 6 inches long (150 cm x 200 cm).

What Size is Superking Bed in the UK?

On the higher end, Superking bed sizes in the UK measures 6ft wide and 6ft and 6 inches long (182 cm x 200 cm). If you are concerned about UK sheet sizes for Superking sized beds; Emperor duvets can ease your life.

What Size is Emperor Bed in the UK?

It is the largest bed size in the UK, covering an area of 6.6ft by 6.6ft (200 cm x 200 cm). Some manufacturers make emperor sized beds which are 215 cm x 215 cm or 6.6ft by 6.6ft. These are marginally large and cumbersome to deal with, but big houses usually hold one or two such articles for the sake of aesthetics.

Next time, before ordering your favourite bed sheet, don’t forget to consult the chart to verify the bedding sizes to make your shopping experience smooth and seamless. If you are thinking to buy one, click here and choose your desired size and style and get a 15% flat discount on your first purchase. Isn’t it amazing?!  

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